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XVIII ASAP Service Management Forum
Servitization & Circular Economy
October 27th – 28th 2021


The need to move towards circular and more sustainable economic models has been even more stressed by the Covid pandemic and data certifying the climate change effects. Moreover, european public Institutions show an increased emphasis on promoting a Circular Economy transition, notably through the Next generation Europe program and the funding that will be available. At a single company level, however, how to undertake this transition and its impacts has often still to be understood and planned. Advanced services, digitalization and «servitized» business models may have a great role in helping companies move to a “circular” paradigm and achieve not only environmental but also economic and social benefits.


The conference deals with the synergies between Servitization and the Circular Economy and about the role of servitization in supporting the transition towards a Circular Economy


It is possible to register for one or both sessions, which will take place by ZOOM platform.









SESSION 1 – October 27th | 9.00 – 13.00 – “EXPLORING THE SYNERGIES” (english session)


Opening: Nicola Saccani, University of Brescia 


  • Keynote: Walter Stahel – Founder, The Product-Life Institute – The Circular Economy and the Performance Economy


CE and servitization for increased sustainability in the appliance sector


  • Niklas Lindskold – Head of Sustainability and Security,  Electrolux Professional 
  • Gianmarco Bressanelli – Post Doc Researcher at Rise Lab, University of Brescia


CE and servitization for increased sustainability in the heavy machinery / energy industry


  • Alberto Rostagno  Vice President Services EMEA
  • Coen Jeukens, VP Global Customer Transformation, ServiceMax 


Remanufacturing and extended lifecycle for sustainable new business:


  • Xavier Battinger – Business Development Director, Ricoh Industrie France & Alessio Ristuccia – Head Of Planning, Ricoh Italia
  • Stefano Butti – Founder & CEO,Servitly  – IoT & DPSS: how data help developing servitized and circular offerings



SESSIONE 2 – October 28th | 9.00 – 13.00 – “SI PUO’ FARE” (sessione in italiano)


Apertura: Federico Adrodegari, University of Brescia 


Dall’idea all’implementazione: piani d’azione, metodi e cambiamenti per le PMI (Mario Rapaccini, Università di Firenze)


Modera Mauro Bellini, con le esperienze di:


  • Nico Fontana – CEO, Montecolino – Il nuovo modello di business della moquette per gli allestimenti fieristici
  • Ernesto Bertolino – CEO,  Astelav – Rigeneration – la seconda vita degli elettrodomestici
  • Alice Viscardi – Digital Process Specialist, Cosberg SpA – Cosberg, Roadmap verso la servitizzazione
  • Stefano Butti – Founder & CEO, Servitly – Le soluzioni DPSS a supporto della servitization e dell’economia circolare per le PMI
  • Mauro Paretti – Marketing Manager EMEA, Servicemax 
  • Angelo Luigi Marchetti – CEO, Marlegno


Altri da confermare